Holiday Humdrum!!
Today is Thanksgiving. It is a day where we join our families and stuff ourselves silly. Watch parades and football on TV, and grab a quick nap when we think no one is looking!

As I look back on this past year I am very thankful for all that God has done for me. I have a clear understanding of what the bible means when it says "He shall provide for all my needs". God has certainly done that this year for our family.

Still I have found myself feeling very complacent towards it all. I feel like George from "Christmas with the Krank's". The stores are decked out for Christmas, my kids have the holiday tunes already playing why do I feel like I don't want to participate? Ironically, that movie was on TV last night. When the movie was ending and George discovered the underlying meaning of the season and reached out to his neighbors I found myself crying. I felt the Holy Spirit reminding me to take my focus off of me too.
Even though I might not be so excited right now, I have to be like Jesus. He chose to look beyond himself and chose to be a light for the Father. I need to look outside of myself to see where I can be a light to someone else too.
Today is Thanksgiving, and I am choosing to be thankful for all things. I will push through and looking to the Father I will be a light to those around me. As I head off to buffet my natural body, I go looking for ways that I can be a light to someone else around me.

I pray you have a blessed day.

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I am taking some time away from speaking to glean more from God and draw closer to Him. I need to be at home more with my children for a season. I will continue to post on my blog and update you all. I covet your prayers during this new season.
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