My Sanity Time
I am going to share a really cool opportunity that I am enjoying with you.

I am working away from my family this weekend; I do some work with a foundation about five times a year. I have to travel to do this work. I miss my family, but my husband calls this my "sanity time"; because I get to stay in a hotel by myself and go to the bathroom with out company. The mom's out there know what I mean.

This trip is a real treat though.

I just returned to my room after setting up the screening and having dinner with the team. I walked in to relaxing music playing on the plasma screen, the lights are dimly lit, my sheets are turned down and there is a bottle of water and two chocolates (one dark and one milk) just waiting for me. I went to hang up my clothes, when you open the closet door the light comes on, there is a cushy robe waiting for you and when you close the door the light goes off. Ladies I am so loving it; I am staying at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have only seen these places in pictures and on travel shows!!! I could get used to this one.

Before you start throwing things, I have to be in the lobby at 6:00am and will see about 50 patients tomorrow and probably be so exhausted when I get back that I wont want to go to the beach or the pool ( I may have to force myself).

I know I am spoiled now.

On a serious note though, I feel like I have just gotten a glimpse of what it going to be like in heaven when I get my mansion, and walk on the streets of gold, and my whole day will be peaceful and spent praising my loving Father.

I thank God for this incredible opportunity to peak into the possibilities of my eternal life.

I hope you have a chance like this while you are still here on earth. Even if you never get to the Ritz, you can still rest in your fellowship with Jesus right now, today.


I just left out one detail!!
If you are coming over from Lysa's blog. Welcome.

I am so excited about She Speaks this year. I am always anxious to see how God is going to move. I know from the buffeting we are all seeing this year is going to be awesome.

I am currently on vacation with my husband and kids and 13 more of his relatives. I can hear the gasps right now. I assure you it is a great time. We have developed a tradition of spending the entire Memorial Day week at a beach home in Litchfield Beach, SC with Allan's extended family. There are anywhere from 19 to 21 of us on any given year.

This year we have two houses, so we could spread out a little easier. The days are spent totally relaxing on the beach or by the pool, taking naps, and playing games. The highlight of each day is dinner. With all the many helping hands we never need to go to a restaurant because we have a gourmet meal each night. There is usually a pasta night, a beef night, a seafood night etc. Tonight is going to be appetizers by the pool. Everyone is making their favorite for all to try.

I worked very hard this year to be able to hit the beach in a bathing suit and not be mistaken for a beached something or other. I got the children all covered in sunscreen and hats, and I laid down for a quick beach nap.

That was great except, I forgot to put on my sunscreen!!!! It was the first time in many years my middle section and seen the sun, and well; it will probably be the last for awhile. I am so red and sore breathing hurts!!! I should know better, I grew up on the beach in Florida.

If you have ever forgotten a crucial detail please share your story.

I will try to post some pictures soon.

I can not wait to see everyone at the conference.


I am attaching a You Tube link to this post. It was sent to me as part of a precious letter from a family friend who had just ushered her husband home to be in the Lord in heaven. This was the gift he wanted us to see.

I was totally blown away. It is about 8 minutes but worth every second.

Please pass this on.

Hi to everyone. I am sorry for the long lapse of time since I have posted. No excuses just life going on!!

Ryan and Katie (my oldest two) are finished with school. Ryan will be in 8th grade next year; he will probably reach my height this summer too. It looks like Katie is going to squeak by on her Literature class. I am actually relieved. It has been a tough year for that class. She is in 8th grade, now going to 9th. I am not sure how to feel about my first child entering high school. I know many of you have already experienced that. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

We are thanking God for His faithfulness. Sarah has been discharged from occupational therapy (she was having that weekly because of her stroke). She is now using her left hand age appropriately and has made big progressive steps. She will get some occasional physical therapy to help her with her balance and strength of the left leg. She will be in Kindergarten next year.

David is finishing 1st grade and moving on to second; he thinks he is a big kid now!!

We are starting our summer off with a bang.

Our family is preparing to leave on the 24 of May for two weeks of vacation time. We have never been gone that long before. Our first week is spent with my husbands extended family. There are about 18 of us, we spend the time together in a big beach house. It is a time of reconnecting and is always relaxing. Our second week will be a bit different. Allan and I both have business trips at the same time for the first few days, my parents will watch the children. We will all meet back at my parents house and chill for a couple more days.

I hope we can have some at home and do nothing time after that.

I love the summer time, I like not having a set schedule to meet each morning.

How about you? What is your favorite part of summer?


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