My Sanity Time
I am going to share a really cool opportunity that I am enjoying with you.

I am working away from my family this weekend; I do some work with a foundation about five times a year. I have to travel to do this work. I miss my family, but my husband calls this my "sanity time"; because I get to stay in a hotel by myself and go to the bathroom with out company. The mom's out there know what I mean.

This trip is a real treat though.

I just returned to my room after setting up the screening and having dinner with the team. I walked in to relaxing music playing on the plasma screen, the lights are dimly lit, my sheets are turned down and there is a bottle of water and two chocolates (one dark and one milk) just waiting for me. I went to hang up my clothes, when you open the closet door the light comes on, there is a cushy robe waiting for you and when you close the door the light goes off. Ladies I am so loving it; I am staying at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have only seen these places in pictures and on travel shows!!! I could get used to this one.

Before you start throwing things, I have to be in the lobby at 6:00am and will see about 50 patients tomorrow and probably be so exhausted when I get back that I wont want to go to the beach or the pool ( I may have to force myself).

I know I am spoiled now.

On a serious note though, I feel like I have just gotten a glimpse of what it going to be like in heaven when I get my mansion, and walk on the streets of gold, and my whole day will be peaceful and spent praising my loving Father.

I thank God for this incredible opportunity to peak into the possibilities of my eternal life.

I hope you have a chance like this while you are still here on earth. Even if you never get to the Ritz, you can still rest in your fellowship with Jesus right now, today.



Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Charlene,
It sounds like heaven on earth where you are! I would gladly trade it today with a new black lab puppy we have who woke me up at the crack of dawn wanting to play and follow me everywhere and bark at our older dog!!
Enjoy enjoy...I know what you mean about getting away and it is heavenly!

Blogger Lysa TerKeurst said...

The RITZ!!! Hello, help a sista' out and bring us along will ya'!!!

Can't believe that She speaks is only 3 weeks away. Sooooo looking forward to it!

Sweet Blessings...

Blogger Zoe said...

I'm so jealous; every Ritz hotel I've ever stayed in was fit for every princess!!
Do you think we can find a pair of shoes at the $9.99 shoe store that "looks like" the beautiful ones you saw on your trip?
Safe travels sweet friend,

Blogger Melissa said...


I just read your blog and I'm glad you had a room where you could be pampered, especially knowing now that you are with your dad in the hospital.

Girl, we are praying for your father. Hang in there!


Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Charlene,
Hope you are having a great time away.

Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you as you prepare for She Speaks. May God use you in a mighty way.


Blogger Bonita said...

It sounds marvelous, Charlene! I leave for Denver in the upcoming week and even though I'll be working a lot I look forward to the change of scenery. Granted, my publisher isn't springing for the Ritz or anything, but I'll still feel a little pampered anyway. May you have many more moments like these even before you get to heaven!

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