Delayed at the Gate!!!
Yesterday was one of those days!! It started out fine, a little rainy but a good day. I was in Chicago working at a medical conference. I had an afternoon flight back home. I was looking forward to returning to my husband and children.

I arrived at the airport and did the initial check in, all was good. I made my way to my gate with my Starbuck's Latte in hand expecting to enjoy my warm drink and relax on the plane. I discovered there was a gate change, I headed to the new one. Once there I discovered that the screens were incorrect it was going to be at the original gate. There was another catch though; it was delayed 2 hours. I called Allan to inform him. He had heard there were delays at Chicago, he was not surprised.

I headed to a restaurant for some dinner. As my departure time approached I again headed to the gate. The board was blinking (that is not a good thing). We were delayed another hour. I had finished all the work I had with me to do, read some magazines, the newspaper and talked with other stranded people.

As I was contemplating what else to do my phone rang. A friend called with a urgent prayer request. Another friends mother was in intensive care and they had called the family in; my friend was alerting her prayer chain. I gladly agreed to help.

After praying I went to grab a snack and something to drink. I heard the man in front of me talking about his 18 month old daughter that he could not wait to get home to see.

He said she was everything to him, he went on to say that he could live without her mother, but not her.

I was stunned. I found myself immediately telling him he should be ashamed of himself!! I explained to him that it was because of his wife that he had that precious daughter, and that he should cherish her too. Unless he would find himself not being able to see his daughter regularly!! I shared with him the things my husband and I do to make time for each other. How we know we must not take each other for granted.

He went to his flight, but returned a minute later with tears in his eyes. He thanked me for giving him some important things to think about.

I began to think about my wait time a little differently. I asked God what else did He need done while He had me stuck there!! I found a place to sit and looked up to see some people I recognized from a local ministry.

The husband was sharing the gospel with the man sitting next to him. I prayed and listened. I jumped for joy when the man accepted Jesus just as we were being called to board the plane.

I was pretty fired up by now, so when the man sitting next to me on the plane turned out to be a believer but still quite cynical, I was ready. He wanted to talk about tithing. I did my best to share with him that you can not out give God, and that tithing unlocks the doors to God's power and wisdom. I shared with him that even at our tightest financial points we always tithe, and God always shows up!! As we left the baggage claim area, I told him he would be thinking differently when the basket was passed on Sunday!!!

I finally made it to Charlotte at 10:30pm. Allan and the kids were there to pick me up. I was so glad to be home.

I love what happens when we take the time to pray and listen.

The next time I am stuck at the gate, I will be excitedly expecting God to show up.



Blogger Bonita said...

I'll remember these wonderful testimonies as I travel the U.S. later this year. If I'm delayed I'll look for the opportunities God might have in front of me. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Joyful said...

Wow Charlene - God sure used your apparent 'delay' - although thinking that in God's time everything was right on schedule! Your willingness to respond in obedience has encouraged my heart. Excited to think about all the ways God can use us - in an airport and on a plane! Wondering what God has in store for me???
I love God stories - thanks for sharing!!

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