I just don't understand where you are coming from!
If you have every had any challenges with understanding your mate, I would like to share with you some insight we found last year. With Valentines Day coming up, this video is great. It is from Mark Gunger. Our church did a series on Wednesday nights using the DVD series. Enjoy this clip.


Sound the Trumpets
Have you ever wanted to learn how to speak to or share with a group of people; or maybe you have some thing you want to share in writing; are you in a leadership position in women's ministry; do you know or have a teenage daughter?

If that is you I have the answer.

Go to the "She Speaks" link on my side bar, it is under "Miscellaneous". You can click on that picture and it will take you right to the P31 site.

This is one conference that you do not want to miss. It is 3 power packed days of inspiration and teaching. You will get to hang out with a few hundred girls and laugh and cry. It is a life changing event.

A bride to be
I had a so much fun last night. I went out with a few Proverbs 31 girlfriends for a "GNO" to the movies. Renee, Shari, Tracie, Van, Marybeth, Amy and my daughter Katie were gathered for a movie night. We went to see "27 Dresses", it is a great chic flick.

I promise not to spoil the movie for anyone that has not seen it yet. However, there was one thing in the movie that really caught my attention. A question was asked of the star concerning what her favorite part of a wedding was. She replied that when the bride gets ready to walk down the isle, she always liked to look at the groom. His expression spoke volumes of his love for his soon to be wife.

I thought about my wedding and I remembered zeroing in on Allan as I walked down the isle. I had to focus on him to get where I needed to go.

I also thought about Jesus. The scripture tells us He is in heaven preparing a place for His bride (us, the church). I tried to picture Him sitting on the throne smiling and waiting for each and every one of us to take our place as His bride. What a celebration that is going to be.

I know that just as Allan was my focal point on our wedding day, Jesus and the eternity that awaits me needs to be my focal point each and every day.


A tribute to a friend
On Friday of last week I was at the bedside of a friend as she gained her wings and went home to Jesus. Sheryl, her husband Kevin, and their son Caleb came into my families life because of our boys. My son, David and their son Caleb became buddies in 3 year old pre-school and now at 6 years old are still best buddies.

I share this with you because anyone who knew Sheryl was blessed by the way she lived her life. She was only 30 but she endured some big trials while here on the earth.

The incredible thing was you would never know she was facing anything by her countenance. Sheryl beat a cancerous brain tumor twice. During all the time of treatments and traveling almost 3 hours away every other weak for a year to receive treatments she never lost her joy or her faith. She would always give God glory. She had a smile and a kind word for everyone. Through all of this Kevin was the most adoring and devoted husband and father. He lived out the scripture calling for a husband to love his wife as Christ loved the church.

Even when the cancer returned for a third time late last year, she still sang praises to God, and her faith never wavered.

As we laid her to rest today; her earth suite anyways, I shed tears and still wondered why she had to leave us behind. Even though I don't have the answers, I can honestly say; Sheryl and the life she lived are an inspiration to me that will never go away or be forgotten.

I have seen one of Gods angels and been touched be her life in an eternal way. I thank God for the time I knew her here on this earth, and I look forward to seeing her in heaven. I pray for peace and joy for Kevin and Caleb.

I will miss my friend, Sheryl Benton.


How time flys
This has been an emotional week. My first child turned 14. We spent time looking at some pictures from her years of growth, I just do not know where the time went. As we are embarking on a new journey with an emotional drama queen for the next few years (by faith and prayer it won't be too bad), I have found myself missing the cuddly little one I gave birth to all those years ago.

Anyway, I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of my precious Katie.

She is truly a blessing. Happy birthday to our "Special K".

A hunting Wii will go!!!
My friend Renee Swope had a great entry on the "learning to plan with open hands". It was a timely entry. With a new year upon us, I had been endeavoring to give God my schedule each day to plan accordingly. I know from past experience that God loves it when I give Him my plans for Him to adjust.

Here is an example:

Ryan and Katie received some money as part of their Christmas gifts. They came to us asking if they could put it together and purchase a "Wii System". We have deprived our children!!! They do not have any of the gaming systems. We felt they could get enough exposure to them at their friends houses, without having one here. This system seemed a bit different because it involves some physical action. I would not say it is an exercise program, but at least they are not sitting in one position only moving their hands. We agreed to let them do this.

The search was on, we have been calling and checking as I know many others have been to find a Wii. Yesterday afternoon we were at our local WalMart and asked about them. We were told they had some, but they would not be put out until 12:01am!!!

My kids went into "begging"mode. You know, "Mommy please, please, please, pretty please, we will help with dinner and getting the younger ones to sleep, can we please come back"!!!!

I had a flash back to the 1:00am bonding and shopping spree we did the day after Thanksgiving. See my entry from December 3, 2007. I could only hope this would go better.

We arrived to the electronics department at 11:00pm, only to discover that we were #2 in line!!! I held the position, the kids looked at other games. The other lady waiting and I had fun relating "Wii" hunting stories!!!! By 11:30 there were others in line behind us. The clerk told the group at 11:45 that there were only 2 systems, so he would not waist anyones time. My kids were elated. At 12:01am the systems were brought out, and we finally had a Wii.

The cool thing is while we were waiting I was talking to the clerk at the store. He was a nice young fellow, working to earn money to attend college. I was able to plant some God seeds, and do a little witnessing. He said he appreciated my kindness about having to wait for the store to release the systems, and not being agitated with him. I gathered that others were not as understanding. I was glad to let God encourage him through me. It was a good thing I had chosen to give God my day and my attitude.

It was a great confirmation and reminder for me to continue to let God plan my days His way.

As we are embarking on a new year, I pray that you to would let God plan your days for His interruptions.


Prince Charming in a Picture
During day two of cleaning I found lots of pictures. I also found so much stuff, that I have a half full garage with what will surely be a big yard sale!!!

I received so many nice comments on my wedding video, I thought I would show you a couple of pictures from that fairytale day.

You can not see the back of the dress, but it is tiny buttons all the way down the back. The other picture is us waltzing our first dance, and the second picture on that page is "The Electric Slide"!! Yes you can do the slide in a wedding gown.

I have really enjoyed looking back on my wedding. Thanks for joining me down memory lane.

Have a wonderful day. For those of you who are married, take a few minutes and look at your wedding pictures. See if you can re-discover your prince charming again.


Looking Back - Looking Ahead
Our oldest daughter, Katie will be 14 on January 8th. We have always had the Christmas decorations down before then to keep the two days separate. I have a storage area that the decorations go into, in years past I just put them in there and hope I can remember where everything is next year.

I decided to clean the space first yesterday. I stepped into the storage space at 10:00am, and I did not completely emerge until 5:00pm!!

A look back:
One of the items I found was a copy of our wedding video. As I held it up I remembered how Katie used to sit and watch it over and over when she was small.

A look ahead:
Sarah, our youngest is 4. She was "helping" me with the cleaning endeavor. She asked what the movie was, I told her. Of course she wanted to see it. I put it in for her, it was so neat to see her reactions to her dad and I, my dress, and all the hoopla.

A look back:
Of course I had to take a short break and watch some of the wedding with her. I cried as I saw many relatives who are no longer with us, and even at some relationships that are no longer together. I thanked God for the many people who have affected my life. I loved the way my husband and talked through our entire ceremony to each other (we we oblivious to anyone else). Watching our first dance (we took ballroom dance lessons before our wedding), I must say we were pretty good. Allan joined us for a few minutes to see what we were laughing at.

A look ahead:
Allan and I spent some time last night remembering that precious day. I realized that I would marry my husband all over again. After 17 years of marriage I still choose him. He said we should renew our vows on a future anniversary, but with one condition; I could not wear the same dress (it had too many buttons for him!!). I must say that if I could accomplish the feat of getting back into that dress, I would have to wear it again. We targeted our 20th anniversary.

Today my agenda includes cleaning out the other storage area (before I loose interest). Who knows what I will find in there.

What things have you looked back on, and what are you looking ahead to? I look forward to hearing from you.


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