A hunting Wii will go!!!
My friend Renee Swope had a great entry on the "learning to plan with open hands". It was a timely entry. With a new year upon us, I had been endeavoring to give God my schedule each day to plan accordingly. I know from past experience that God loves it when I give Him my plans for Him to adjust.

Here is an example:

Ryan and Katie received some money as part of their Christmas gifts. They came to us asking if they could put it together and purchase a "Wii System". We have deprived our children!!! They do not have any of the gaming systems. We felt they could get enough exposure to them at their friends houses, without having one here. This system seemed a bit different because it involves some physical action. I would not say it is an exercise program, but at least they are not sitting in one position only moving their hands. We agreed to let them do this.

The search was on, we have been calling and checking as I know many others have been to find a Wii. Yesterday afternoon we were at our local WalMart and asked about them. We were told they had some, but they would not be put out until 12:01am!!!

My kids went into "begging"mode. You know, "Mommy please, please, please, pretty please, we will help with dinner and getting the younger ones to sleep, can we please come back"!!!!

I had a flash back to the 1:00am bonding and shopping spree we did the day after Thanksgiving. See my entry from December 3, 2007. I could only hope this would go better.

We arrived to the electronics department at 11:00pm, only to discover that we were #2 in line!!! I held the position, the kids looked at other games. The other lady waiting and I had fun relating "Wii" hunting stories!!!! By 11:30 there were others in line behind us. The clerk told the group at 11:45 that there were only 2 systems, so he would not waist anyones time. My kids were elated. At 12:01am the systems were brought out, and we finally had a Wii.

The cool thing is while we were waiting I was talking to the clerk at the store. He was a nice young fellow, working to earn money to attend college. I was able to plant some God seeds, and do a little witnessing. He said he appreciated my kindness about having to wait for the store to release the systems, and not being agitated with him. I gathered that others were not as understanding. I was glad to let God encourage him through me. It was a good thing I had chosen to give God my day and my attitude.

It was a great confirmation and reminder for me to continue to let God plan my days His way.

As we are embarking on a new year, I pray that you to would let God plan your days for His interruptions.



Blogger Marybeth said...

Hey Charlene-- Yes, the call will be available for you to listen to online at your convenience. It is great! It took me about a month or more to finally listen to the last speaker call I did!! The good thing is, it was still there.

Thanks for the question--

OpenID Dawn said...

We had a Wii adventure story, too! Congratulations!

Blogger Amy Carroll said...

The week of Christmas, Barry called me totally out of breath. "I've left work, and I'm on the way to Hillsborough (about 30 mins from us)to get a Wii!" he said. Well, I had already gotten Christmas presents for the kids, but we decided to hold those for birthdays. Even though I was the more hesitant parent, Barry was so proud. I really enjoyed how surprised and excited the kids were on Christmas morning, too. How are you at tennis? It's just about the only video game I play!


Blogger Melissa said...

Oh Charlene, it's funny to hear that the Wii stories continue after Christmas. My husband took a sleeping bag to GameStop in November and actually camped out for the crazy thing! I wouldn't have done it, but he did. And our kids love it! So do we! It is so fun. I love the tennis (Amy, I'll challenge you to a game!) and bowling. And if you really do want a good work out, try the boxing! We actually sweat on that one! It's fun.

It was great to see you the other day.


Blogger Charlene Kidd said...

Thanks to all your great comments. I will take on the tennis and the bowling challenge. As for the boxing, I still can not figure out what I am punching at!!

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