Meet me at the Urgent Care Center
Last Friday evening I was on my way home from a full day of work covering for a friend in Charlotte. It had been a crazy day at the hospital, I was emotionally drained. I returned some calls that came in while I was out of range, and turned on some Christmas music to unwind while driving home, when the phone rang.

It was my husband saying, "you may want to meet me at the Urgent Care Center, Katie has hurt her arm."

I knew there was something up, because Allan would not just take a child to be seen for a hurt arm without giving it some recovery time. I arrived at the center to find Katie in the x-ray room. I am an x-ray tech from a long time ago, and when the films were placed on the viewer my look and mouth dropping to the floor told Katie all she needed to know. She had broken both bones in her wrist, we would be seeing the Orthopedic doctor the next morning.

We made it through a slightly rough night. The next day was not easy, her arm needed to be re-set before the cast could be put on.

The highlight of the day was Katie choosing her cast color. She has soft undertones (according to our fashion expert Shari Braendel), so it had to be a light blue one.
Katie is doing much better, the pain is manageable, and the drama is down to a dull roar!!

I thought about the words of my husband when he called me that day. I began to think about my ultimate physician, and how His urgent care center is open 24/7. There is never a waiting line. All I need to do is call out and He is there. So if you have a need this Christmas season, just remember that God's urgent care is always open and it is free for the asking!!

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Blessings to all,


Blogger Shari said...

Tell Katie I am so proud of her for being a fashionista and remembering to choose the right color...way to go, Katie! love ya, Shari

Anonymous Odetta said...

Well written article.

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