My motivation just left town!
This entry has been amended; see the end of the post.

I got very strategic about my eating and exercising at the beginning of this year. Through January and up until today I have been very consistent. I am seeing some results again. But for some reason I am not feeling it today.

I must say I would be perfectly fine eating a bag of Dove's (my absolute favorite).

I think it is because my husband, Allan, left at 3:30 this morning for the airport. He will be out of town until next Tuesday (actually it will be Wednesday morning in the wee hours before he gets in). I feel like my motivation is not here. Katie and Ryan do not even want to do their school work today (actually that is not too unusual!)

It is silly I know, but Allan has not been gone for longer than one night in almost a year. I am finding myself feeling a little helpless. He works from home and is very helpful. He often gets the kids to and from school, he vacuums, washes the clothes, ( I fold them). I see now that I have become comfortable with all of his help.

Am I silly for feeling off kilter, just because my husband is traveling? I remember in 2006 he traveled most every week, we adjusted and life continued on. Then in 2007, as I said, he really did not travel much at all. So why is today so hard?

Okay, now that I got it out; I feel better already. Maybe I just needed to write it out.

Does anyone else ever struggle with this? I know there are ladies out there that can't wait for their husbands to travel, I am just not one of them.

I think I will send him an email or a text message to let him know that I appreciate all he does.

I promise to get my act together and exercise too. I wont promise that I will vacuum though!!

I am happy to report that I did exercise yesterday and today!! I am in a much better mood today. I am settling into handling all that needs my attention

At the suggestion of Joy(see the comments); I am working on one project I know Allan would make him happy to know it is done (our taxes!!!). I also loved Melissa's suggestion about a camp out. It is going to be cool and rainy tonight, I have a fireplace in my bedroom; so it would be a fun night for all of us.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I still have not vacuumed!!!


What kind of speakers are they?
I knew it was going to be an interesting weekend when leaving my development at 6:00am six police cars were blocking the exit of my neighborhood. The officers were not in their cars and no where to be seen. I called my husband and kept him on the phone with me until I had safely maneuvered out of the entrance to our development. We still do not know what was happening.

What an awesome opportunity it was to speak this weekend to a fabulous group of ladies in Palatka, FL. It was a treat for me because I actually used to work in Palatka in 1983-1985, doing CAT Scans for a mobile X-ray company, while I was in college in Gainesville, FL.

The weather was sunny and warm and so were all the ladies attending the conference. I must say the best part was being able to speak with Zoe Elmore. Zoe is one of our funnest team members, she spreads such joy where ever she goes. She also performs special affects. You must go to her blog and see her entry on the retreat. Zoe' blog has great pictures of the retreat as well.

The other interesting story that emerged from the weekend came from the two ladies that picked us up to drive us to the event. It seems that Karen thought they
were picking up actual music speakers; so she could not figure out why the car needed to be clean and the temperature comfortable!!! She figured they must be expensive or sensitive speakers. Instead she got human speakers that were pretty easy to please.

This is Brenda (on the left), then Deedy, myself and Pam. Brenda has been the leader of this conference for many years and is now passing the torch on to Deedy. The entire weekend was so smooth. You can see that the room was full. The event was very well attended.

Deedy and Pat (the Pastor's wife) even took Zoe and I shopping on our way back to the airport. It was a fun way to unwind from the conference.

Thanks to all the ladies involved with and attending the Women's Life Spiritual Retreat. I am quite sure they will remember the Proverbs 31 Speakers!!


Yikes, my "To Do" list is endless
DISCLAIMER: Before you read this, I am not having a crisis, I am just reflecting on where things are.

I have to admit I am feeling a bit overwhelmed today.

There is laundry to do, sheets to change, furniture to dust and on and on it goes.

Then there is the work project that needs to be mailed out just as soon as the last item arrives from the client (hopefully before I forget where I put the pile).

Oh, I almost forgot the gas bill is due, I need to keep the house warm because my van is having trouble heating up right now (it would not be a good back up spot for warmth).

Today is therapy day for Sarah, Ryan needs a wood cutter outfit for a play. Dinner needs to be cooked, dry cleaning needs to be picked up. Allan has a report for me to transcribe.

I have to catch up the business books so we can get our taxes done (I am figuring on at least 2 hours on that task alone).

Allan and I have a conference this weekend, and I am speaking again next weekend out of town (I could use some quality prep time).

Tomorrow I have to go to Atlanta to meet with a client and I wont be home until Wednesday evening (I will probably just meet the family at church).

I am in desperate need of a pedicure, oh make that an full overhaul!!

I still have not finished praying for everything and everyone I am supposed to cover.

I am sure I am missing something, but I can not seem to remember what it is right now(I am 40+ ) .

I always thought I would get to do something great in life, but instead I seem to be doing an endless list of little things. I was feeling sort of inadequate maybe even unimportant, then I came across this quote:

In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love. Mother Teresa

I was so blessed when I read that.

As I typed out the rambling list above, I was not complaining, I have actually been trudging along somewhat joyfully.

Upon reading that quote, I decided that these little things I perform each day will add up to a great thing one day.

I am okay with that.

So if you are feeling a bit unappreciated or unworthy, take a minute to look at all the small things you do and make sure you do them with love.


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