What is This????
Have you ever had anything happen, that you just could not fathom how it got where it was?

I had an incredible surprise waiting for me when I opened my 7 year old's back pack today!!

Check this out, yes that is spaghetti.

He had a hot lunch at school yesterday and wanted to bring the leftovers home. He failed to tell me what he had done.

Words can not describe what I felt.

I thank God for grace and mercy, of which I extended to my horrified child. It was a good thing I had quiet time today.

I want to run a contest.

Share with me your story of what you have found in your child's back pack. The winner will receive a copy of the book "10 Minute Time Out's for Busy Women" by Grace Fox and a $10.00 gift certificate from Starbucks.

I can not wait to hear your stories.


Hi to everyone. I am sorry for the long delay in posting. We have been in a season that seems to be non-stop. I have been traveling with work quite a bit lately and when I am not traveling I am striving to catch up on all of the school work with the kids. Of course there is football and cheer leading and all that goes with it. Allan has been busy as well.

No excuses just life happening for the Kidd family.

I have to ask if anyone has seen the movie "Fireproof"? It is the most incredible movie about relationships. If you have not had the chance make the time and go. Married couples should go together, it will bless your socks off!!!!

View this link and see for yourself.
If you have seen the movie let me know how it impacted you.


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I am taking some time away from speaking to glean more from God and draw closer to Him. I need to be at home more with my children for a season. I will continue to post on my blog and update you all. I covet your prayers during this new season.
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