A five day Faith Challenge
My friend Tracie is doing a 5 day faith challenge. Stop by her blog to catch up and join in.

I will be posting some details from vacation in a few days. I have to get some pictures loaded first.

We are heading back tomorrow, one of my husbands cousins passed away. We will be heading to the mountains of NC to be with family.


A much needed get-away
My family is leaving in the morning for a trip to Florida. The children will be staying with my parents and attending a day camp with lots of water fun. Allan and I are sneaking away for a time of seclusion. We have not had more than 48 hours away together in 4 years. We are so looking forward to the time.

I will post pictures and stories when I return in one week.

I will miss everyone.


No more training wheels
This post has been edited. See new pictures below.

I am so excited. My youngest daughter (the one who was responsible for the "Scribble Scrabble devo); has just accomplished a huge hurdle.

She is riding a bike without training wheels. I know for most kids that is a normal passage in the routine of life, but Sarah had a stroke during her fetal development. We do not know when, but before she was born it happened. She was left with left sided weakness and does therapy weekly to learn to use that side of her body. Sarah is a very determined child and has made many advances. We were not sure when or if her balance issues would allow for her to ride a bike without the training wheels.

So we are celebrating. She insisted we try this evening, so the picture is dark; but the moment is captured!!!
I will get some more pictures during the daytime and add them, so check back!!

Here is a daytime shot. Sarah spent most of today riding her bike. She had a couple of spills, but her tenacity has remained in tact.

Thanks for sharing in our moment.


Where is the time going?
This summer is just flying by. I always envision many relaxing days and no set schedule; then sometimes reality hits.

This week our oldest daughter is at camp.

Our number three child turned 7 years old.

I am fully recovered from my mis-hap and out on the blades again.

My husband is really busy this week (that is a good thing!!), except that his transmission decided to quit yesterday on his way home from out of town. Today we took it to the repair shop and found out it will be there for several days while it gets a new transmission (yikes--there goes any extras). I just took him to pick up a rental car so he can continue to work.

School starts for my kids in just 4 weeks.

Next week should make my vision come true. My children will be with my parents for the week and Allan and I are getting 4 cherished days away all by ourselves.

Am I the only one feeling like time is in warp speed? Please share your thoughts.

On a side note, my friend Joy posted a precious entry on her blog about She Speaks. Thank you Joy.


She Falls!!
I have loved all of the posts the team is doing regarding She Speaks. In my last post I shared about my purchase of roller blades. I have been really enjoying my "prayer blading" times this last week. I have even trimmed a little bit in some key places.

Today was different though. I was coming down my street (there is a hill on it); when I skated by several of my neighbors who also walk in the morning. They were congratulating me on my bravery etc...

I turned to answer a question and....
I lost my balance and She (me) came tumbling down. I hit the pavement. It was not a pretty sight. My glasses went flying, my phone went flying, and my water bottle became a missile. I felt like snow skier having what we call a "yard sale" (that is when they loose skis and poles).

My wonderful neighbors helped me pick up everything except my ego. It was most definitely bruised. It is several hours later; I have road burn on body parts I can mention.

I had lunch with some of the Proverbs staff today see Van's blog for a great post on it; they prayed for me; made me feel better; and they fed me great desserts. All is better with chocolate!!

I know when it comes to staying in shape the motto often is "no pain-no gain", but this is a bit too much. I will get back on the skates, but I will not be so talkative to my neighbors while doing so, I think they will understand.

Have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow. Please take time to thank God for allowing us to live in such a blessed country.


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I am taking some time away from speaking to glean more from God and draw closer to Him. I need to be at home more with my children for a season. I will continue to post on my blog and update you all. I covet your prayers during this new season.
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