No more training wheels
This post has been edited. See new pictures below.

I am so excited. My youngest daughter (the one who was responsible for the "Scribble Scrabble devo); has just accomplished a huge hurdle.

She is riding a bike without training wheels. I know for most kids that is a normal passage in the routine of life, but Sarah had a stroke during her fetal development. We do not know when, but before she was born it happened. She was left with left sided weakness and does therapy weekly to learn to use that side of her body. Sarah is a very determined child and has made many advances. We were not sure when or if her balance issues would allow for her to ride a bike without the training wheels.

So we are celebrating. She insisted we try this evening, so the picture is dark; but the moment is captured!!!
I will get some more pictures during the daytime and add them, so check back!!

Here is a daytime shot. Sarah spent most of today riding her bike. She had a couple of spills, but her tenacity has remained in tact.

Thanks for sharing in our moment.



Blogger maudie-mae said...

Good for her!!!!!!!! That perseverance will pay off her for the rest of her life!!

Blogger Pinkshoelady said...

Hi Charlene,
I know how she feels! My right side is affected by cerebral palsy. It took me a long time to learn to ride with out training wheels. With determination and flexiblity we can do anything! I have accomplished everything I have ever set out to do including snow skiing! I used to say there was only one thing I couldn't do here on earth but would in heaven and that was wear pretty shoes. Last year at She Speaks God used Zoe Elmore, Rachel Olsen, and Wendy Pope to change that as I wore Zoe's own Hot PInk Pumps!
Nothing is impossible with God!
THe best advice my mother says she received as a mother of a child with a disability, "Let her discover what she can and can't do. Never put any limitations on her trying. What she believes and discoveres about herself will help her accept the truth about her disability not what others belive about her disability." I am thankful my mom followed that advice. When I was four I climbed a tree in our yard and got my brace stuck between two limbs. I was there for a awhile before my mother found me. Here I was crying, when my mother turned and went back in the house leaving me there! She quickly returned with the camera and took several pictures before she would get me down. We laugh at those pictures still today but they remind me of a loving mom who never but disabilty bounderies on me. So you go my friend!
in faith and prayer,
Pamela R.

Blogger Joyful said...

A note-worthy moment indeed! Three cheers of praise!

Sharing in your excitement!!!

Blogger Bonita said...

Way to go, Sarah!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job for my little sis

Blogger Van said...

Congrats Sarah-So impressed with your determination. You are an incredible little girl. Keep up the great work!!

Blogger Wendy Pope said...

Yea! What an accomplishment.

We are proud of your sweet girl. Is there a devotion in this story? I think so.

Love you girl

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