Making the best of being on the road again!!
I am visiting our northern neighbors this weekend. I am in beautiful Toronto, Canada. I am here working for several days, but the weather is wonderful and the scenery is breathtaking. My hotel is overlooking Lake Ontario, it is wonderful. Joy, I know you are up here somewhere, do you live near Toronto?

I have to share how much fun it has been meeting people from other parts of the world these past two weeks. I have been so blessed by many of them.

Knowing I was going to be spending time away from my family, I purposed to find Jesus everywhere I have to go, and also to be Jesus to someone too.

Last week on my return trip from Puerto Rico I was asked to switch seats so a mother and her child could sit together. I immediately said yes with out any concern and found myself in first class.

Today the line for customs was impossibly long, people were not very happy. There was a child I kept passing as we wound our way through the people maze (like the one's at theme parks), who got very fussy after awhile. Her parents were so embarrassed, I took the time to encourage them that any one of us with children had empathy and were secretly thankful our children were not with us (because we would be them).

The next few days hold long hours and many opportunities for frustrations with crowds of people attending a medical conference. I however, am determined to find Jesus in others and also be Jesus to someone else.

How about you? Take some time to share your light.


Blogger Joyful said...

"Somewhere out there..." I suddenly hear little mice from "An American Tale" singing in my head.

Hi Charlene - I know you already found me - but just read your post! So neat to connect with you in my neck of the woods!

Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow re:schedule. It would be so cool if we are able to connect. Hope your meetings go well.

Praying for you,

Blogger Zoe said...

You are always a bright light to those you meet.
Can't wait to see you next week.

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