Hi to everyone. I am sorry for the long lapse of time since I have posted. No excuses just life going on!!

Ryan and Katie (my oldest two) are finished with school. Ryan will be in 8th grade next year; he will probably reach my height this summer too. It looks like Katie is going to squeak by on her Literature class. I am actually relieved. It has been a tough year for that class. She is in 8th grade, now going to 9th. I am not sure how to feel about my first child entering high school. I know many of you have already experienced that. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

We are thanking God for His faithfulness. Sarah has been discharged from occupational therapy (she was having that weekly because of her stroke). She is now using her left hand age appropriately and has made big progressive steps. She will get some occasional physical therapy to help her with her balance and strength of the left leg. She will be in Kindergarten next year.

David is finishing 1st grade and moving on to second; he thinks he is a big kid now!!

We are starting our summer off with a bang.

Our family is preparing to leave on the 24 of May for two weeks of vacation time. We have never been gone that long before. Our first week is spent with my husbands extended family. There are about 18 of us, we spend the time together in a big beach house. It is a time of reconnecting and is always relaxing. Our second week will be a bit different. Allan and I both have business trips at the same time for the first few days, my parents will watch the children. We will all meet back at my parents house and chill for a couple more days.

I hope we can have some at home and do nothing time after that.

I love the summer time, I like not having a set schedule to meet each morning.

How about you? What is your favorite part of summer?



Blogger Joyful said...

Hi Charlene,
Great to see you back. Glad all is going well. My son is envious of your children out of school so early. He is in Grade 10 and goes to school until almost the end of June!
Our family has enjoyed a little break from routine this weekend as it is Victoria Day weekend here - so we had a 4 day holiday. We drove up to our home-away-from-home in the Muskoka's at a Christian Conference Center - Muskoka Bible Center. Weather was chilly, but we still had a wonderful time.
You asked what we liked most about summer? I LOVE having my son and husband home more. I enjoy our trips up north to MBC. This morning I was telling my husband that one of my favourite things about the summer is the extended time I'm able to spend with the Lord every morning - not rushing in and out of His presence - definitely that tops my list!
Looking forward to seeing you soon :o)

Love & prayers,

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