Thankfully I am not the only one!
Allan is out of town again this week. I have some work deadlines to meet.

That means I am a distracted mom, which equals unruly children. I felt very frustrated today as it seemed like every two minutes there was an eruption from the kids. "She hit me, he took my marker, she won't get off my side of the couch..." It was endless. I found my fuse to be a little short as well.

I am not a fan of letting the children spend hours in front of the TV. We are blessed to live on a nice piece of land, they have bikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and a go cart, and a play set. Yet it seems like watching the TV is all they want to do.

During the school year we block the TV from 8:00am until 6:00pm. We had removed it for the summer break. I felt like it was time to block the TV again, but thought maybe that was too tough on their break with the extreme heat we are having.

Here is where the title comes in, I was looking at the other speakers blogs and I discovered that Marybeth had been facing similar challenges. They even unplugged their satellite. I must say I was so relieved to see I was not the only one facing this challenge.

So, tonight after the kids go to sleep, I am re-blocking the TV. I am going to regain some normalcy in our home too.

I expect the house to shake in the morning from their screams of disgust. But this to shall pass.
I can rest knowing I am not the only one going through it. Thanks Marybeth for sharing.

Making the Most of the Distance
This has been a very crazy summer in the Kidd household. Both Allan and I have had to travel quite a bit only not together. We have been juggling our schedules around which of us has to be out of town at any given time.

A few weeks ago Allan had been gone for four days. He returned in time for me to hand him the kids and then I was gone for four days. I met up with him after my stint away only to grab the kids and send him on his way again for four more days.

I don't know if any of you have had these challenges, but the thought that occurred to both of us was "how do we stay connected with all this distance".

In this day of technology we have many tools at our disposal, along with the old fashioned means of communication.

Here are some of the things we did during that time to shrink the physical distance between us:

  • One of the most crucial elements was taking time to make sure our calendars matched. We take time at the beginning of the week to go through the appointments that each of us, and the children have. We decide who is going to handle the specific details.

  • We made good use of the cell phone by endeavoring to talk each morning and each evening, and any chance during the day if needed (respecting the fact that whoever was gone was on a business trip).

  • Email is a great tool, it only takes a second to send a note that says I am thinking of you, and miss you.

  • We realized that we could text message to each others phones at no charge, so an occasional text note was great to receive.

  • On the day when one of us returned from out of town we made sure the children were hugged on, then we would go on a date. Sometimes that date had to be at home, having sent the children upstairs early that night. Or if a sitter and finances allowed we would go out for the evening.

  • Send a note or card in their luggage putting it in a place they will find it!!

  • Have a note or card waiting on their pillow when they return from their trip.

I hope these little tidbits will help you shrink the distance when your spouse has to travel. Let me know what things you do.


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