She Falls!!
I have loved all of the posts the team is doing regarding She Speaks. In my last post I shared about my purchase of roller blades. I have been really enjoying my "prayer blading" times this last week. I have even trimmed a little bit in some key places.

Today was different though. I was coming down my street (there is a hill on it); when I skated by several of my neighbors who also walk in the morning. They were congratulating me on my bravery etc...

I turned to answer a question and....
I lost my balance and She (me) came tumbling down. I hit the pavement. It was not a pretty sight. My glasses went flying, my phone went flying, and my water bottle became a missile. I felt like snow skier having what we call a "yard sale" (that is when they loose skis and poles).

My wonderful neighbors helped me pick up everything except my ego. It was most definitely bruised. It is several hours later; I have road burn on body parts I can mention.

I had lunch with some of the Proverbs staff today see Van's blog for a great post on it; they prayed for me; made me feel better; and they fed me great desserts. All is better with chocolate!!

I know when it comes to staying in shape the motto often is "no pain-no gain", but this is a bit too much. I will get back on the skates, but I will not be so talkative to my neighbors while doing so, I think they will understand.

Have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow. Please take time to thank God for allowing us to live in such a blessed country.



Blogger Julie Gillies said...

Oooh, Charlene - sorry about the nasty fall. I pray the scrapes and bruises heal quickly! And I hope this doesn't stop you from rollerblading altogether.

Happy 4th of July!

Blogger Glynnis Whitwer said...

Congratulations on your very creative approach to staying healthy. What a great idea to learn something you can do with your kids too! Ibuprofen will help your aches, and time will heal your pride. I'm proud of you friend! Love ya!

Blogger Bonita said...
Blogger Paige said...

ouch!! I once was coming down a parking garage ramp on roller blades when I realized how stupid that was and then went flying as well, skates and all. I should have just taken the elevator in the parking garage, but no I thought I could handle it. Oh well, I have been much more careful ever since.
I pray you heal totally...ego and all.
Talk to you soon,


Blogger Melissa said...


So sorry about your fall! Ouch ouch ouch! You are a trooper and you have such a great attitude. Hope you are feeling better and back on the blades!


Blogger Micca said...

Oh, Charlene! I could picture your fall in my mind. While I hate that happened to you, I confess that it gave me a chuckle!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one these things happen to!


Blogger Tracie Miles said...

Hi Charlene - I'm all about exercising, but have to draw the line at roller blading! I would probably spend the majority of my time at the yard sale. :) Glad you didnt get hurt!

Hi Charlene,

YEARS ago when I bought a pair, the guy at the store said if I was going to wear just one kind of "guards" to go with them that wrist guards would be the ones to have. Hopefully when you took your spill you didn't jam anything "important."

Good for you! You ARE brave! I'm half-inspired to join you.

:-) Helen

Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm sorry about the fall! You do tell a great story, though.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Jennifer Barker

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