Trying to catch my breath
Oh My Goodness!! What a weekend. She Speaks 2008 was incredible. I left exhausted and charged up all at the same time.

I did manage to catch a very quick nap when I returned home. That was a miracle in itself because my husband had to drop the children off at the hotel for me to take over while he had to travel to Florida. Thanks to my children for allowing me that rest time.

Every year those of us on the team are always so excited to see what God has in store. The attendees (those coming for the first time at least) think they are coming to learn about speaking, writing, women's ministry leadership, or training the next generation; and we know they are really in for complete life change. This year was no different.

I am so thankful for all of the breakthroughs that happened this past weekend. I am humbled to be even a small part of the process.

Here is a picture of the team on Friday before the official beginning of the conference.
You could not miss us in our teal. It turned out to be a blessing. With 560 women pouncing on the hotel for the conference all at once; it was a real help for them to know who to ask a question of.

The break out sessions were a ton of fun and full of great insight. Then of course there was the speaker evaluation groups. Here is a picture below.

There is Julie, Lynn, Janel, Heather, Paige (aka Sadie), Barbara, me, Cricket, Lori, Joyce, Nancy. Not pictured is Cindi and Cinderella.

I am only a little prejudice, I had the best group of ladies.

Pictured at the left is Sadie. This was the alter ego of Paige. We all laughed so hard, but she offered some great wisdom with the humor.

Zoe look out, she could give you a run for the "princess" title.

I told you I have the best group!!!

I love Saturday nights presentations because it is as though we have been to 12 mini retreats in one and a half hours. The messages these ladies deliver each year are incredible.

My cheers to each of you.

This year God showed up even before the attendees did. Our conference director from the hotel, Floyd was told he needed a emergency root canal, before he left we prayed for him. At the dentist office he was told he no longer needed one!!!! He came back elated and shared with many of the hotel staff. Our prayer room was often frequented by hotel staff wanting to experience God too. What an powerful testimony. The hotel was full of other events, and our book table was visited by many of them. On Sunday morning I encouraged several guests that were standing outside of the ball room during praise and worship to come in and join us.

God definitely stretched our borders this weekend.

I have to send a special thanks to Doug and his family. Doug was one of our technical guys. His father had a massive heart attack and suffered a ruptured aorta while we were at the conference. We immediately prayed and then gave Doug permission to go. He refused. He said his dad was fine where he was, the other members of his family were with him; and that he, Doug, was doing exactly what he needed to be doing. What an incredible servant he is. I pray that God will stop time and allow Doug the opportunity to be with his father.

My love and blessings to everyone that was with us this past weekend.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hey Charlene,

Great Post about the conference! I only wish I would've seen you more. Doug's dad passed away on Sunday around 2:00. It was at the same time LeAnn was praying with Doug and his wife about it. Amazing.

I agree with you about everything except that you had the best group...because I think I did:)

Love you bunches,

Blogger Janel said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for this great post!

I was so blessed to meet you and the other ladies this weekend. I only wish I would have had more time with each of you!

Thank you for your kind words to introduce each of us and for your encouraging words in my evaluation. I feel so honored and blessed!

I am sorry to read in the comments about Doug's father. I will pray for this family.

Have a great and restful week!

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Welcome home. It is so exciting to hear how God moved at the conference this year. I am praying for you as you transition back to 'life'. May you feel His presence in a special way.


Blogger Wendy Pope said...

It was a great year. Thanks for praying the such a sacrifice to make the copies for Teaching By the Book. Your second outfit was beautiful!!!

Love you girl. Way to go on your staying with you exercise and weight loss goal.

Love you

Blogger Zoe said...


I think Paige/Sadie is hilarious!!!! I'm sorry I wasn't there to see her in person.

What a weekend indeed girlfriend.
I'm working (tyring to keep my eyes open and my brain going forward)all week. I can't wait to rest this weekend. I'm getting old and boy these conferences really prove it.
Love you,

Anonymous Luann said...

I think I may have to arm wrestle you and Melissa for who had the best group ROCKED! Literally! Kate in our group pulled out a rock the size of Gibralter and I thought we were all getting rocked to sleep with a real rock! They were the most precious women! I miss them already. And I miss my team of sisters. We do have a bond like no other, you know? How blessed are we that God should smile on us year after year?

Blogger Lynn said...

Oh Charlene,

This is so true...The attendees (those coming for the first time at least) think they are coming to learn about speaking, writing, women's ministry leadership, or training the next generation; and we know they are really in for complete life change...

Oh and I will be forever changed. I cannot begin to thank you for all you did for me. For investing in the Kingdom through me. I am humbled.

I adore you. and you ..... ROCK!!

Blogger Lynn said...

BTW, you DID have the best group!! hee hee

Blogger Paige said...

Hey Charlene,
Thanks for giving "Sadie" a plug on the blog. It makes me chuckle to even see that picture:) I have been visiting my family in MS for the week after the conference and took Sadie along for the trip to the farm...I'll send some pictures when I can. It was great being a part of your group and I look forward to chatting more in the future. I'll let you know when Sadie's blog or website get up and running.

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