Story Time
Many of the Proverbs 31 Speakers are inviting people to share stories on their blogs about their experience at the She Speak Conference. Glynnis is doing a give a way, so please leave me a story, but head over to Glynnis's and get in the drawing.

I had the great pleasure of seeing a few of the ladies from previous She Speaks this year.

Below is a picture of myself, with Cheri Bunch and Joy Brown. They were in my group the same year as Amy Carroll, who is now on our team. We have all stayed in touch. Joy was very hesitant about flying here from Canada. God held her hand, literally, by providing an old school friend to sit beside her and come to She Speaks as well.

I was also blessed by having my church's women's ministry leader attend the conference this year. She also happens to be our pastor's mom. I love Lou so much. She is an incredible inspiration and a true Titus 2 woman. I always tell her that when I grow up I want to be like her.

I also "took one for the team". At least that is how Marybeth described it. I was hosting a break out for Wendy Pope. We discovered that one handout was not in the attendees books. I took off running to the front desk to get 130 copies and get back before the session ended. I had forgotten the fact that I had two cups of coffee and had not been to the potty!!! After having four children, the bladder does not hold like it used to. Let's just say, I had to go change clothes.

So now it is your turn.



Blogger Joyful said...

Charlene, how amazing that you should mention about how God provided with my friend from school today - that's the exact story I posted about moments ago!!!

If you want to read it, check it out here:

It really is the most wonderful story of finding joy in a BIG God!

Have a great day!
(I have a friend coming over this morning to hear all about my adventures - I hope she can stay for hours!)
Love & prayers,

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

It is a joy to read how God touched lives this weekend.


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