Where is the time going?
This summer is just flying by. I always envision many relaxing days and no set schedule; then sometimes reality hits.

This week our oldest daughter is at camp.

Our number three child turned 7 years old.

I am fully recovered from my mis-hap and out on the blades again.

My husband is really busy this week (that is a good thing!!), except that his transmission decided to quit yesterday on his way home from out of town. Today we took it to the repair shop and found out it will be there for several days while it gets a new transmission (yikes--there goes any extras). I just took him to pick up a rental car so he can continue to work.

School starts for my kids in just 4 weeks.

Next week should make my vision come true. My children will be with my parents for the week and Allan and I are getting 4 cherished days away all by ourselves.

Am I the only one feeling like time is in warp speed? Please share your thoughts.

On a side note, my friend Joy posted a precious entry on her blog about She Speaks. Thank you Joy.



Blogger Joyful said...

Charlene, glad you enjoyed my post. It was written with love.

I had to laugh at your car troubles...only because we are experiencing the same automobile woes. The "Service Engine Soon" light has been coming on my car, and I've already taken it in twice and the mechanics repaired what they 'thought' was the problem. However, my car still refuses to respond when I press the gas pedal, making it annoying for motorists behind me as I chug along at a snail pace.

Because this makes me feel nervous, my husband and I switched vehicles. I don't know that I'm actually fairing any better with his. Exiting the driveway the "Add coolant" light came on. I'd only gone a block when "Low Tire Pressure" was added to the warnings. Oh my, think I'd better start doing more walking!

My son doesn't return to school until September 4th. He is just entering his 3rd week of summer holidays so we still have the majority before us. We don't have any weeks of holiday as a family until August. I know it will all go by so quickly.

If you think of it, please pray for me Thursday. I've been having some health concerns and I'll be seeing my Dr. Thurs. morning. Symptoms are pointing towards gallbladder. Time will tell.

Praying nothing will interrupt the 4 cherished days you have planned with your husband. Enjoy.

Love & prayers,

Blogger Chatty Kelly said...

My kids are nearly 9, and 4. And time is flying by! School doesn't start for us until after Labor Day, but I just feel they are growing us so fast...I don't want to miss a thing!

And aren't you adventurous on the roller blades!?!?!

Blogger Bonita said...

Well, I think I went into this summer knowing this is speaking season for me and not relaxing time so I more or less expected that it would go quickly. We try to grab days here and there as play days and we do have a vacation scheduled and I plan to do absolutely nothing while gone. Actually, today and yesterday were set aside as my recovery days from California so I'm doing nothing today, but reading blogs and stuff. I think we're at that stage of life where we just have to grab those relaxing moments when we can find them!

Blogger Becoming Me said...

I just happened across your blog today, liked what I read and wanted to say hello.

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