So Now What?
I wanted to challenge you and myself to do something with all that we have learned from my life changing trip to Ecuador. The previous 5 posts cover the events.
Action Steps

1. One of the many things that stuck out to me was how excited the children were to show us the letters and pictures from their sponsors. My family is going to make one day each month as "David's Day". We will take extra time to pray for him and his family, and make a package to send to him.

2. The people their were quite content in their circumstances. They made the best of what they had. I pray that me personally along with my family will become increasingly conscious and grateful for where we are.

3. As I wrote about in an earlier entry. I want to extend true "Southern Hospitality" to others. I want to welcome people in my home for fellowship not presentation.

4. As Rich challenged us: "I want to be a 'stretcher carrier' for Christ". I want to let my faith carry those that don't have faith for themselves to the feet of Jesus.

I sincerely hope these memories of mine will inspire you to do more in your walk with our precious Lord. Thanks for taking the time to visit.



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