Southern Hospitality
I live in the south. We are often characterized by what others call "Southern Hospitality". We are viewed as friendly people. This week I saw what real "Southern Hospitality" was. I was privileged to join many of the Proverbs 31 Speaker Team members on a trip to Ecuador, South America.

The people we met live in what we would consider to be unbearable conditions. Most of the dwellings were concrete walls and floors. Some places had windows and doors. Others only had sheets covering the openings. Most of the homes were only two or three rooms. The number of people living in the home averaged anywhere from 5 to 11. The children often slept 2 or more to a bed. Yet their homes were clean. These precious people were unashamed of their surroundings. They welcomed us with open arms, and insisted we sit and visit with them. They excitedly showed us their homes, and shared how they live out their day to day lives.

I am reminded of Luke 10:38. It is the story of Mary and Martha. Martha was distracted with the preparations while Mary visited with Jesus. I know that here in the "South" (the US that is), we are very concerned and aware of how our homes look compared to the others around us. When we have visitors we are focused on what we will fix for them.

The people in Ecuador have the right understanding. They were concerned with relationships not presentation.

I am still processing all I experienced. I wanted to share a small part of it with you. I also want to challenge myself and you to be a person that extends true "Southern Hospitality". I want to focus on extending Christlike fellowship to all who come to visit.


Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

Love your point, Charlene!

It was great rooming with you and sharing this amazing experience together. Love ya! ~Rachel

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