If only I would listen and obey
We were on a road trip not long ago. Some of the children were thirsty so we stopped for drinks. My oldest son was sound asleep and did not respond to my question for a request. As I was climbing out of the car the thought hit me to grab my phone in case a request came in. I did not take it with me.

When I got back to the car he was awake and asked where his drink was, he said he tried to call me to ask for one. I realized that I failed to heed the direction from the Holy Spirit.

A scripture I had recently studied Matthew 10:30 came to mind. It is where God talks about counting/knowing every hair on our head. I had wondered what God really meant by knowing every hair on our heads. I now had a real life explanation, He absolutely cares for our every need. He knew my son would awaken and want a drink too. He tried to make a way for that to happen. It was me who did not listen.

I love how God will bring His lessons to life for us even when it is one have to learn the hard way!!

Of course I went back in the store and purchased a drink for my son. I was also able to relate the story to the kids and help them to be more careful to listen to Gods promptings.

I hope this will encourage you to take a moment to recount the ways our Heavenly Father knows and cares for your needs.


Blogger cinfree said...

I love it, you look so good and so does the family, I pray may God open many doors to you as you walk through them in His Might

Blogger DTrigg said...

You look fabulous sis! Your blogs are very pertinent and interesting. This site is attractive! Great work!

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