On the Mountain with God
A continuation of my memories from the trip to Ecuador with members of the Proverbs 31 Speaker Team and Compassion International.
Day 3

After all the emotions of day 1, I was not sure I could handle any more.

Today we headed to the mountains of Otavalo. It was a breathtaking trip. We stopped on the equator to go potty and take pictures. The magnetic forces their are supposed to allow an egg to stand on its own. Many tried, but Ashley TerKeurst (12 years old) was the only one to get it done. Yeah---Ashley!

We arrived at the project to again be greeted by a line up of beautiful faces, smiles, roses, and of course more tears from me!! The girls were dressed in the native Indian clothing. They wore embroidered white shirts and solid colored skirts of red, green, or blue.

I met a little boy named Jimmie. He had on a sweater that was identical to one my boys have. I would later go to his home and meet his family.

This day we were privileged to to attend an amazing worship service. The purity of the praise that came from these people was refreshing. One of the Compassion International hosts, Rich, gave the message. He taught from Mark 2:3-5. He talked about the friends of the paralytic. They had the stick to it ability to persevere to get their friend to the feet of Jesus. He challenged all of us to be "stretcher carriers for Christ", thus allowing our faith to carry others to the resting peace of Jesus.

The view from the church was spectacular. We were overlooking a lake that
as surrounded by volcanoes. The native legend had it that there was a papa volcano and a momma volcano, they got together and had three baby volcanoes. Then the momma volcano fell in love with another bigger volcano. The papa volcano was so devastated that his heart broke (there is a crevice on the side of the volcano in the shape of a broken heart) and his tears made the lake below.
See the heart on the side of the volcano.

After the home visits that day we had lunch back at the church. We were treated to a local delicacy "Gui" (Guinea Pig) of which I did try. Then it was off to the famous outdoor market at Otavalo for some power buying!! With Roberto in tow I scored some great finds and deals.

We left the market with our treasures in hand and headed to dinner at Puerto Largo. The restaurant was on the lake at the base of the papa volcano. We were entertained with beautiful praise music from a band of former Compassion students. Back at the hotel Rachel and I again talked and reviewed all we had experienced on this incredible day.

I pray that these entries will let you feel like you were there with us. Many of you were because you were praying for our trip. I have two more entries to do. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Blessings always,


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