I flew to Chicago yesterday and then had to drive for an hour to attend a meeting and then return to the airport and fly home. It was going to be a long day.

I had printed out maps from the airport to my destination so I would know where I was going, but when I picked up the rental car it had a GPS in it. I thought that was great, I would be sure to go to the right place.

All was great until the road split, I knew by my maps I needed to bear to the left, the GPS was telling me to go right. I decided to use my map, and as soon as I did the voice said "Recalculating". I thought that was hilarious. On my ride back to the airport I would hear the voice telling me it was "Recalculating" a few more times.

When I checked in to the airport, I was told my flight was delayed. Now it was my turn to "Recalculate". As I was waiting for the flight I began talking to a lady near me. She shared how she and her husband found themselves unemployed at beginning of 2007, but because of God's provision and making some adjustments they were going to have the biggest year financially that they had ever had.

Once I was on the plane, I began to think about the many times in my life that God has had to tell me He was "Recalculating". Sometimes it is because I needed to change course, but most of the time it was because I had chosen to go in a direction He was not wanting me to go on. Thankfully He gives us grace and mercy and He will "Recalculate"our direction so that we can get back on the right path.

As I look to another New Year, I am going to take some time to seek God for His plan for me this year, and allow Him to "Recalculate" if needed. Are there any times that God has had to "Recalculate" the direction of your life? Please share with us.

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Blogger His Doorkeeper said...

Charlene, I am commenting on your current post because I'm afraid you would not read it on your home tour comments. I am SLOWLY getting around to viewing all the homes on the BooMama tour and I just got to yours. I am delighted to read your blog and always happy to know a Sister-in-Christ! What attracted me in your home tour was that the outside of your home looks so much like mine(the white rockers on the front porch, etc.) and the staircase with the closet underneath looks like mine too. Your home is lovely! Thanks for sharing and may your new year be blessed! God is so good, isn't HE? Come and visit me sometime!

Blogger johnsonfamilyof6 said...

God turned our little world inside out in 2007. My husband and I both grew up pastor's kids, then we married and went straight into youth ministry. My husband served in churches full-time for the last 12 years. In 2006 God had other plans for us. We left our church out of pure obedience and expected God to move us onto a new ministry.
I have learned to expect the unexpected from our Lord. 2007 was a year of recalculating. We realized that God would provide for our family but not in the ways we expected and we learned that God values us beyond what we expected. It was an amazing year and I look forward to the unexpected in 2008.
Did I mention that we welcomed our 4th child this last year and she was rather unexpected! HA!
I think "Recalclating" is the perfect word for what God does when He does the unexpected.

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