Mom is my head hot?
Saturday evening my 12 year old son Ryan asked me to feel his head. He complained of being cold, but feeling hot and his right side hurt. I totally freaked when the thermometer read 103.2. I checked it 3 times, then promptly sent him to a cool bath while I decided on my next step.
Ten minutes later we were on our way to the urgent care center (they know us well now!). After an hour and a half, blood work and urine tests we headed to the emergency room for a CAT Scan. We were trying to rule out Appendicitis.

My husband, his father, and his sister have all had Appendicitis and none of them presented normally. My father-in-law was sent home and his ruptured. My husband and his sister did not have increased white counts and when the doctor pushed on their side it did not really hurt them. So we were really pushing to make sure for Ryan.

Once we got to the ER, Ryan would have to drink 1000cc of contrast solution. It was supposed to be strawberry flavored, NOT!!! It took him another 1.5 hours to get it down. He took the last swallow and it all came back up. It looked like someone had been shot in the room. Fortunately they decided to try the scan anyway. Thankfully it was not Appendicitis. He apparently has a virus. Two days later he is still symptomatic, he does not fell well but of course he is ready for Christmas. It sure seems like there is never a dull moment in the Kidd house.

We are all nestling in for that long winter's nap before the excitement of tomorrow.

Sweet dreams for everyone, a blessed and Merry Christmas too.


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