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I promised to share some more of our Christmas traditions with you. So here goes:

My husbands grandmother was a well know cake maker in Mount Olive, NC. She apparently had quite the reputation. When she passed away many years ago I was blessed with some of her baking pans. Many of which I still do not know how to use properly. There was one set, two heart shaped pans, that I have grown to cherish.

Each year we make a cake with those pans, put candles on it. For our Christmas Eve dinner set the table with each plate getting it's own candle (it hooks on the plate). We bring out the heart shaped cake, each person tells of one thing they are either thankful for or an area of their life they want to give to Jesus. We then sing "happy birthday" to Jesus.

It has come to be a treasured tradition on our home. Over the years we have had some fun times and some tough times. I can remember one year, it was a hard year in many ways. I baked the cake, and for some reason the top layer fell in. My cake looked like such a broken mess. My husband came in seeing me all upset and put his arms around me. He told me not to worry, Jesus likes it best when we come to Him with a broken heart. We are easier to teach that way. So now I serve the cake no matter how it turns out.

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Please feel free to share some of your traditions.
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