Looking Back - Looking Ahead
Our oldest daughter, Katie will be 14 on January 8th. We have always had the Christmas decorations down before then to keep the two days separate. I have a storage area that the decorations go into, in years past I just put them in there and hope I can remember where everything is next year.

I decided to clean the space first yesterday. I stepped into the storage space at 10:00am, and I did not completely emerge until 5:00pm!!

A look back:
One of the items I found was a copy of our wedding video. As I held it up I remembered how Katie used to sit and watch it over and over when she was small.

A look ahead:
Sarah, our youngest is 4. She was "helping" me with the cleaning endeavor. She asked what the movie was, I told her. Of course she wanted to see it. I put it in for her, it was so neat to see her reactions to her dad and I, my dress, and all the hoopla.

A look back:
Of course I had to take a short break and watch some of the wedding with her. I cried as I saw many relatives who are no longer with us, and even at some relationships that are no longer together. I thanked God for the many people who have affected my life. I loved the way my husband and talked through our entire ceremony to each other (we we oblivious to anyone else). Watching our first dance (we took ballroom dance lessons before our wedding), I must say we were pretty good. Allan joined us for a few minutes to see what we were laughing at.

A look ahead:
Allan and I spent some time last night remembering that precious day. I realized that I would marry my husband all over again. After 17 years of marriage I still choose him. He said we should renew our vows on a future anniversary, but with one condition; I could not wear the same dress (it had too many buttons for him!!). I must say that if I could accomplish the feat of getting back into that dress, I would have to wear it again. We targeted our 20th anniversary.

Today my agenda includes cleaning out the other storage area (before I loose interest). Who knows what I will find in there.

What things have you looked back on, and what are you looking ahead to? I look forward to hearing from you.



Blogger Shari said...

Oh Charlene...you have such a sweet way to remember things....a wedding video..who'd have thought of that? I know, I know, most people, but not me! You are a precious friend and I loved "remembering" with you on this post. And tell your husband not to worry about the many buttons, he'll be so smitten with you in that dress he'll be mesmorized and totally forget it has buttons...besides,how old will he be anyway?! love ya, Shari

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

What a sweet post, Charlene!

I got married in an ourdoor garden so my wedding dress doesn't have a big train, more like a little flare in the back. Kinda mermaid-like when I think about it. Its white but not to terribly "weddingy" looking. Rick told me a year or two ago that if I could get back into that dress, he'd take me somewhere fancy enough to wear it. I've got a few pounds more to go yet but its comming. I have no idea where I could wear it though.

So let me know if you and Alan renew your vows... and if you'd be offended if I wore a white mermaid-like dress to witness the occasion. ;) Hugs ~ Rachel

Blogger Van said...

Charlene, Can I come over and watch the video? You made me feel like I was right there with you. Thanks for the encouragement to look back and then ahead. Life is so rich! Smiles and hugs to you...

Blogger Lysa TerKeurst said...

Your blog is beautiful! Hmmm- where is my wedding video? Oh sigh. I'm not sure I'm organized enough to be sentimental. Off to clean out a closet or two. Thanks for the inspiration to find it and watch it with my kids!

Blogger Renee Swope said...

We used to watch our wedding video every year on our anniversary...but I can't remember when that tradition was lost. Probably when our kids insisted that we turn it off and watch Veggie Tales. I think I'll pull it out this week and entertain them...I mean inspire them.

JJ loves watching our video because after we shared our first communion together I realized I had bread in my teeth. Well we were facing an altar with our backs to the audience so I took my little finger and picked it out of my tooth, but I forgot the video camera was back there and it's all on film. It's hilarious the little way I do that and then look at him with a little smirk on my face like it's our secret that here I am in this beautiful dress pickin' my tooth like a red-neck.

Oh, I am so glad you reminded me to watch it.

Love your blog and your stories!

Blogger Marybeth said...

Curt and I say "I choose us" all the time!! It is from Family Man, the movie-- pretty cool!

My kids used to watch my wedding video all the time too, thanks for helping me remember that-- it was their movie of choice when they were young... now they would just roll their eyes probably. My how things change!

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