A bride to be
I had a so much fun last night. I went out with a few Proverbs 31 girlfriends for a "GNO" to the movies. Renee, Shari, Tracie, Van, Marybeth, Amy and my daughter Katie were gathered for a movie night. We went to see "27 Dresses", it is a great chic flick.

I promise not to spoil the movie for anyone that has not seen it yet. However, there was one thing in the movie that really caught my attention. A question was asked of the star concerning what her favorite part of a wedding was. She replied that when the bride gets ready to walk down the isle, she always liked to look at the groom. His expression spoke volumes of his love for his soon to be wife.

I thought about my wedding and I remembered zeroing in on Allan as I walked down the isle. I had to focus on him to get where I needed to go.

I also thought about Jesus. The scripture tells us He is in heaven preparing a place for His bride (us, the church). I tried to picture Him sitting on the throne smiling and waiting for each and every one of us to take our place as His bride. What a celebration that is going to be.

I know that just as Allan was my focal point on our wedding day, Jesus and the eternity that awaits me needs to be my focal point each and every day.



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