What can you do to make others feel special
I received an email with the link to the video below. I was truly inspired by the story and hope you will be too.

It really made me think about the many different people I encounter day in and day out. Am I really conscious of ways to make their days special? I must say that all too often I am only wrapped up in my own world, not wanting to be involved in anything else; after all I am over whelmed just like everyone else. That is not how Jesus lived and it is not how we as believers are to live either.

Please share your suggestions of things you have done or maybe now will do to make someones life special today.



Blogger Joyful said...

Hi Charlene,

I posted this on my blog last week after a friend sent it to me in an e-mail. Too good not to share. I guess it's making the rounds :o)

Looking for ways to be a "Johnny" today,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so touch by this I sent it to everyone I could in hopes that they will want to be a "Johnny" today as well. It is a nice reminder that it is not all about us but about what we can do for others.

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