I mean literally. It was exactly a week ago that I was in Philadelphia, PA for a business trip. I am here again, at the same hotel next to the room I was in this day last week. It was cold and rainy last week too!!

I have nothing against PA, it is just that I have not experienced the best weather here yet. Last week I had to do some training and catch a flight to meet Allan at a Christmas gathering. Guess what, I am doing the same thing this time too. I have to catch an afternoon flight to get to our churches Christmas Banquet, of which we are hosting and decorating for. I seem to be good at cutting things close lately.

An update on Allan's hand; he is doing well. He will be in a brace for a few weeks, but should be fine in the long run. We are very thankful. This means we get to continue to live indoors and eat!!! The joys of self employment. Truly I would not have it any other way. The flexibility far out weights the faith walk of depending on God to provide.

We still do not have a tree yet, the hope is to accomplish that this weekend. I will let you know.

I pray that you are all enjoying this precious season.



Blogger Zoe said...

Glad to know you're home again and Alan's hand in mending.

Be sure to post pictures of your tree.

I'd love to see how you're progressing on your program. I bet you've left me in your dust!
After the holidays I'd love to talk about the details of your plan.
Merry Christmas!

Blogger Joyful said...

Praying for your safe travels. Hope everything goes as planned! Enjoy your Christmas banquet.

Love & prayers,

Blogger Bonita said...

Your very consistent aren't you? Hope all goes well with traveling and hosting.

Blogger Jewelya said...

My prayer for you in the coming weeks is rest and peace. A time of refreshing and relaxation with family, and especially with the Lover of your soul.

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