Please seek God's direction on Tuesday
We are coming up on an extremely historical election for our nation and the entire world this Tuesday. Personally my spirit has been stirred for many weeks to fast and pray. Myself and many of my blog buddies are asking that our readers take the time to fast and pray on Monday.

Tracie Miles has a great entry on her blog, I urge you to visit and take the time to read the entry.

I know what the bible says on abortion and the sanctity of marriage. For me those are the two defining factors on my vote. I must be able to stand before my Lord and Savior and know that I stood true to His word and voted only for people that will uphold those biblical truths.

Thanks for your support and prayers.



Blogger Tiffany Stuart said...

I am praying about our nation and the election. I was so on fire to be a voice the other day that I blogged a letter to Obama about abortion. Please feel free to stop by...

I'll visit the link now.

Anonymous kayla said...

very nice blog some how i found you looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia.

Blogger Bonita said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Yesterday I posted on my blog asking others to join me in fasting and prayer.

Anonymous Luann said...

I have had many conversations with my grown children about this election and the importance of engaging in the voting process. It is a critical time. For the first time since I have had the privilege of voting we may see the rights that we have come to cherish slowly slip away.

If one party gets control of all 3 legislative branches, with the media firmly entrenched in their camp, the checks and balance system will be threatened.

Our God is mighty and He will prevail through any turmoil we might face. However, he has called us to stand up and stand firm. The shifting sands may cause our nation to stumble but our faith is secure on the Solid Rock.

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