A need and a praise all in one
My post today is twofold.

First our family is saying good-bye to a precious family in our neighborhood. They are moving to upstate New York to be closer to family that needs them. Their two daughters and my oldest daughter are good friends so the tears have been flowing. This is a family that has opened their hearts to children in need of much love. Both of their girls are adopted. Mike and Mary opened their home and their hearts, it has been an honor to see God work through them. I know we will always stay in touch, but physical presence here will be missed greatly. We are praying for great things in the coming years for them.

Second, today as we begin a capital campaign we are praying for God to bless each one that chooses to give back to a ministry that has blessed them in some way. We know from past experience that God always provides for our needs, so we are thanking Him in advance for the provision. Please follow this link to the today's devotion. Then we ask that you go to Proverbs 31 to send a gift to the ministry.

How does this tie in to Proverbs? Mary reads our devotions and our blogs and they have encouraged her many times. She even has Mike read them!! This family lives out what Proverbs 31 Ministries is all about; reaching out to those in need and sharing the gospel with them.

Proverbs 31 Ministries has been instrumental in encouraging women and sometimes men to be the best person God created them to be, the vision is ongoing and we need your help. Please join us in making a difference and encouraging more people and families to spread the gospel.



Blogger Joyful said...

Charlene....I was thinking about you so much yesterday! I spent time in prayer for you yesterday and today! I meant to come on here yesterday and post a comment, but my day escaped me!

Praying for your family as you say goodbye to some special friends. Always hard. May the Lord be your comfort.

P31 has blessed me so much - in fact, I rarely pray for any of you girls and your ministry without tears - happy tears because of all God has done for me through all of you.

I have been praying since June about becoming a monthly partner. In the past we have given 'random' donations when the Lord has blessed us unexpectedly. I'll be discussing this with my husband again tonight.

Love & hugs,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlene this is my first time visiting proverbs 31 it is awesome I needed this ministry in my life for such a time as soon as I gain employment I will become a partner with this ministry it has really blessed me.

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