Taking a moment to remember
I was looking at my calendar this morning and I saw that next week I have a trip to New York City for 3 days. As I took a minute to prepare I realized the significance of this date.

On September 11, 2001 our country was attacked. There were many innocent lives lost that day. It seems that the world has moved forward as time always allows us to do; but I am sure for the families that were directly impacted by those attacks this is a solemn day.

We are preparing for another presidential election. It is a very important time in our countries history. Personally as we are in the final 40 days before the election I have decided to make and take time to fast and pray for our great nation. I am praying that God will move on the hearts of His people and guide us so we can choose His candidate for the office. I am praying for the safety of our troops that are fighting the war in foreign countries that they will be protected if there is an increase in violence before the elections. I am praying for our candidates and their families.

Will you join me and seek God to speak to us and direct our steps in the days ahead?



Blogger Cindy said...

Yes, I will absolutely join you. It is a very important time in the life of our country.

Blogger Running My Race said...

Yes, I will join you as well...


Blogger Truth4thejourney said...

Yes, We will be in prayer about the next election. All christians should be helping to pray about the next president. It will be an interesting election!

Blogger Bonita said...

Yes, I will join you. Eight years ago I made a decision to faithfully and regularly pray for our current president and for upcoming elections and I've stuck to it. That gives me much comfort as we approach this election, knowing I did what was required of me whatever the outcome.

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