Mom, I need you in the kitchen NOW!!!
There is an add on at the end of this post.

Those were the words I heard as I was for once sitting in the family room watching TV; Katie and I were watching the finally of "The Biggest Looser".

I was not overly moved by the comment until it was repeated at a higher level.
I arose off the couch and turned to look in the kitchen. To what did my eyes see but the toaster oven on fire!!!!!

Thankfully I did not freak. I cried out for Jesus and unplugged the device. Then I grabbed oven mitts and promptly took the flaming object to the back yard, where my son who caused all of this trouble used the fire extinguisher slightly on the oven and also on me!!!
The stuff in those canisters does not taste very good.

Here is a picture of the
now burnt offering.

I declare we have had enough excitement for this week, actually for the rest of this year!!

I will have to address the toaster need at a later date. Today I go to Virginia and will return very late tonight.

Has anyone else had a story like this?

I am sure there are some good ovens out there, let me know what your favorite is.



Blogger Wendy Pope said...

Oh my, I burn toast all the time but never an entire toaster.
This is too funny!

Blogger Melissa said...


I wish I could've been a fly on the wall. Good luck finding a toaster replacement! Hey, how did it catch on fire????

Anonymous Kris Rhoades said...

I can identify myself with this story from my own blog that happened on Father's Day 2006...

For Father's Day this year we got my husband, Lou, a new gas grill. He was using it for the first time on our front porch (as he and our son, Steven, were doing some work to the deck). Well the hamburgers tasted so good that we all wanted a second one. So he went back out to cook another batch. Through the front window I could see flames shooting up from the grill, which is expected sometimes from the grease. Everyone who cooks on a grill knows that the flames are hard to control sometimes. Well before too long a police car pulled up in front of our house and then a few more. Pretty soon there were five police cars and a fire truck. And of course the neighbors started arriving to see what was going on. Apparently, someone called the police and told them our house was on fire! Lou explained to the policemen that he had just got this new grill and was learning how to use it. Lou was embarrassed but the policeman laughed it off by asking Lou if he was cooking burgers for all of them since they were there.

After publishing the whole story with a devotional in our publication many people wrote to me that they laughed so hard with this image in their mind. We still laugh about it at home. (You can read the whole story by clicking on my name)

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