A new season
I wanted to take a moment to update everyone. I am going to take some time away from speaking to draw closer to God and be at home with my children for a season. My children are at a critical age and I strongly feel the need to be at home. I am also going to take this time to grow and develop my ministry. I appreciate your prayers during this season.


Blogger Joyful said...

Time spent drawing closer to God is always a good thing. Praying this "new season" will bring a harvest not only in your life, but in those around you.


Anonymous Maribeth said...

You won't regret your decision, Charlene! Children grow up TOO fast, and you can never get that time back. Your speaking ministry can wait; children can't!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


May God Bless You in this season.

I'm behind you 100% also. I am doing just that. Like Maribeth said children grow up too fast. Shepherd where you are put...Today's children need so... so....so much guidance today.

Based from Mark 9:30-37,"Jesus embraces this child and asks his followers, you want to be this kid? you want to be ignored? You want to be nothing big? If not, you don't understand me yet..

Thank You for stepping forward to do just that.

If ever you need encouragement. God's word is the best place for it....and I can be too. I am a stay at home Mom of a 16 and almost 14 year old right now. Two boys.

I'm actually finding this age is when they really need our guidance. They are watching you so closely to how you do and handle things.

Sirach 30;1-13...Is one of the places I find myself when I feel I am having to do some discipline...to let me know I am doing the right thing....I feel like Noah at times.... feeling like I'm the only parent who is trying hard to raise respectful, moral young men into todays society.

Charlene I will leave you with one to ponder but first go read Sirach 30:1-13. The Training of Children*
(The New American Bible ..Saint Joseph Edition)

The pondering now: "Do not handicap your children by making their life easy."

The Work of our Lifetime...
The family is the great catechism God has given the world. The work of our lifetime is to learn how to read it and then study it prayerfully.
From: Love in the Little Things

Holy Family Life...
God entered history through a family in order to make family life holy and show us how to live in our homes.
From: Love in the Little Things


Anonymous Kristen Myers said...


You always seem to point your life towards what matters. Thank you for boldly showing us that training the next generation should be our highest priority.

I will gladly lift you up in prayer. Praying that you will see the rich rewards that God has in store for you. Your obedience is to be admired much!

Thank you for being the role model that you are! Hugs!

Blogger Julie Gillies said...

May God reveal Himself to you in magnificent ways, Charlene, as you rest and focus your direction on your family. May He pour out His Spirit on your children and be in your midst.

What an amazing testimony to leave for those who stumble upon your blog! Cherish your sweeties :)

BELIEVING in FAITH for God to provide the funds to bring Jeremiah home

Blogger Eagles Wings said...

You go girl! RAISE up the next generation - is a ministry all in itself!!!! Blessings

Anonymous Gretchen said...

I appreciate and support your decision. Not having a job that acknowledges and reinforces the good work you're doing can make it harder to get your cup filled. So I pray for you a verse I read in a P31 devotion, Ecc. 5:20 I pray that you will seldom reflect on the days of your life because God will keep you occupied with gladness of heart.
Praying you will be able to minister to your family for this season from an overflowing cup!


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